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Fabien Ouellette, as Portfolio Manager at Q Wealth Partners, uses a rigorous strategic and tactical asset allocation process to ensure clients are always properly diversified. The following is a summary of Fabien’s seven core investment planning beliefs & principles, which are expanded on below:

  1. Every client should have a basic financial plan completed before an investment strategy can effectively be recommended;
  2. Client’s risk profile must include an analysis of their risk tolerance and risk capacity;
  3. The initial financial plan and risk profile provides the necessary information needed to create an appropriate Investment Policy Statement (IPS), which clearly explains the client’s customized investment strategy;
  4. The management of asset allocation forms the basis of each investment plan, including tactical ranges for each asset class, enabling active allocation tilts as required based on market conditions;
  5. The active use of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) is encouraged, and forms the basis of regional, country and asset class allocations;
  6. The selection and management of individual stocks should be performed by a registered Portfolio Manager who is a fiduciary and has access to advanced tools and processes within a discretionary environment, enabling the quick and efficient adjustments needed in today’s markets;
  7. I advocate the use of Technical Analysis, which should be used in concert with Fundamental Analysis when managing individual stocks.

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